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This week our sister site Diabloii.Net is speaking to the ex-game director of Diablo 3 in a special post-mortem series.

In the first part which has been posted today, Wilson talks about his influences, the highlights and lowlights of working on Diablo 3 which has been surrounded by all sorts of controversy post and pre-launch, what the job of game director entailed, and how they went about making the game a reality.

The series will be running throughout this week covering all kinds of topics. Here’s a quick snip on the misconceptions of the position as game director:

“That it’s an all-powerful position. That you snap your fingers and everything moves in the direction you say it should move in. It’s not just making a game, it’s also inspiring and directing a large team, and balancing lots of priorities against one another. There are changes that some of the public asked for that I could have never gotten out of the team even if I wanted them. As Game Director you spend a lot of your time trying to herd everyone’s individual talents and instincts into a cohesive whole. You have to take advantage of the talents of the people you hire, and be aware of their strengths and weaknesses.”

Read the first part of the full article here and drop by Diabloii.Net each day this week for more.


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