Diablo 4 player trading disabled due to gold and item exploit, bans coming

Diablo 4 Iv Player Trading Disabled Banned Exploit Duplication Gold

Blizzard announced an abrupt freeze on Diablo 4 player item trading following its discovery of a new duplication exploit which lets players easily farm resources and resell items. Additionally, the developer reaffirmed its stance on the EULA policy and plans to ban any players that use the exploit for personal gain.

The announcement appeared in the Diablo 4 subreddit and explained that a fix is in progress for the exploit and that Blizzard will continue to monitor the situation after trading is eventually re-enabled. This reaction came in response to an escalating situation in which the illicit duplication activity caused record price increases in an unofficial Diablo 4 player trading Discord server.

A tempting trade offer

Various rare items shot up to selling prices between 2-6 billion gold, which immediately drew attention to the root issue. The discovered exploit became incredibly popular in little time and wasn’t difficult to replicate. Players simply needed to exit the Diablo IV client in the middle of a trade to trigger it, resulting in the items and gold being duplicated and awarded to both involved parties. This could be done repeatedly and is obviously an attractive exploit for those uninterested in farming and grinding for more gold and the best items.

Blizzard also followed up with the post and confirmed that players who unknowingly traded with others that used the exploit will not be banned. This should set some minds at ease, but the exploit shows how far enough players are willing to go to avoid the repetitive loop required for Diablo IV top-tier loot.

There’s no clear timeline on when player trading will be reinstated in Diablo 4, but you can at least horde some more gold and items for when it does come back and the prices normalize again. Maybe all of this sounds tiring to you though and you’d just like to have some fun. Check out the 10 best things to do after beating the campaign to better enjoy your experience. Also, check out our leveling guide for Season 1 if you still need to progress much further in that.

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