Diablo and Mythos Veterans Announce Torchlight

Runic Games has today announced its forthcoming action-MMO, titled Torchlight.Little is known about the game at this stage, save that it’s described as an “adventure-themed Action-MMORPG.” Players will set out from the titular town of Torchlight into the nearby mountains, in search of a magical ore that “imbues their equipment with power, yet imperils their very existence.”We can apparently expect “a simple and intuitive interface, fast and furious action, and a colorful and compelling game world.”There’s reason to be excited, though, as Runic Games is developing it, and its team has quite a pedigree. Runic’s employees have previously worked on Diablo, Diablo II, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, Fate, Hellgate: London, and Mythos, and the studio’s co-founders – brothers Max and Eric Schaefer – also co-founded Blizzard North, which you may remember from somewhat-popular title Diablo.The game is set to be published worldwide by Perfect World, a Chinese company best known for MMOs.Runic Games co-founder Max Schaefer is “very pleased” to partner with Perfect World. “With Torchlight, we strive to bring the best of Western and Eastern gaming together, creating a truly global title.”Michael Chi, chairman and CEO of Perfect World, concurred. “Torchlight is expected to be a ‘global title,’ catering to the tastes of Western and Eastern players.”We’ll have to wait and see how this will actually work.