Diablo III Rise Of The Necromancer Pack Receives Release Date & New Trailer

This weekend marks the beginning of Diablo III‘s Season 18, and with it comes a few additions. While Season 17 added a fifth stash tab, three new Torment levels, and a search tab for the player’s stash, Season 18 brings the Triune Buff. This is a bit different than previous seasonal buffs.

The Triune Buff will occur at any level. This is in contrast to previous seasonal buffs, which mainly focused on end-game content. Blizzard has stated that they want players of all levels to be able to benefit from this buff. For somebody who plays Diablo III more casually, this is good news. Of course, many will argue that the game really “begins” at level 70, but based on the official patch notes, it appears that this season is all about appealing to the broader fanbase.

Diablo III’s Season 18 is the season of the Triune

The Triune buff comes in the form of a floating circle that will occasionally surround your character. This circle will offer one of three boosts. The first is called the Triune of Love, which is a power boost that gives the player a 100 percent damage bonus. The second is the Triune of Determination, which offers a 50 percent reduction in resources spent on spells. Finally, the Triune of Creation reduces the cooldown time for skills. As it stands, the player must be inside the circle to receive the buff, and it seems that the buff will appear at random. Responding to fan requests, Blizzard has already patched the color of the circle to be more accessible for colorblind players.

Blizzard started a new trend with Season 17, which offered cosmetic bonuses that were once locked to previous seasons. In doing so, the company hopes to offer bonuses to players who may have missed them in prior seasons. Continuing this trend, Season 18’s cosmetic bonuses are rehashed from Season 6.

Blizzard plans to offer ongoing and continuous support for Diablo III. As stated on their website, Blizzard intends to be as direct as possible with plans for the game in the future. They will continue to discuss patch notes and changes on their website. They will also continue to hold public testing to receive feedback from the fanbase.

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