Difference between the Teleporter and Inverse Teleporter in Lethal Company

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Lethal Company offers players many options within the in-game store, which will be viable in some scenarios. However, the two types of teleporters offer unique functions, which we’re going to run over below.

Lethal Company: What is the difference between the teleporter and the inverse teleporter

While Lethal Company is rather barebones at first glance, your ship offers many upgrades to make living in this desolated space more enjoyable.

Alongside the fact that some of these upgrades will be directly related to how efficient or inefficient your expedition onto these moons will be.

The two types of teleporters, the standard and the inverse one, offer players two unique purposes, and they’re noted right below.

  • Teleporter
    • This isn’t going to bring players anywhere from the ship itself. Instead, players can rescue one another from the facility and bring them back to the ship.
    • This will be useful if someone has died during a mission, and you want to save money by recovering their body.
  • Inverse Teleporter
    • Opposite of the teleporter, this will teleport players to a completely random location on the map, and there isn’t much say in where to go.
    • However, if all players get into the Inverse Teleporter simultaneously, they’ll be transported into the facility itself.

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Both of these are going to serve distinct functions in Lethal Company, as there’s no worse feeling than meeting the quota for the loot you have managed to snag, only to lose a bit of spending money because you couldn’t recover the body of your friend.

So, we recommend using both of these in Lethal Company, if you are able to survive long enough, that is.

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