Digital Reality demo Stargazer Engine for new Imperium Galactica

imperium galactica

A tech demo of Digital Reality’s Stargazer Engine is now available prior to a new Imperium Galactica release.

A new  Imperium Galactica  is in the works at DR which is going to be a “long-term” development process according to the developer. The original Imperium Galactica  was released way back in 1997 with a sequel also released in 1999 and proved popular with empire building strategy fans.

To demonstrate the tech behind the new game, the demo is a teaser of their real-time planet generator and you can download and try it now via the  new website for the game.

The new Imperium Galactica will be an online game set in the Imperium Galactica universe but little else is known at this point but this rather neat tech demo will give you a rough idea on what to expect.

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