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Disintegration is free to play this coming weekend and 40% off

Well, that was fast.

Starting July 30, Private Division and V1 Interactive are hosting a Disintegration free weekend event to show off the new game. However, the announcement is a bit sudden, given the fact that the first-person shooter launched just last month. Perhaps it’s what players need, though, to give the game a chance.

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Disintegration released in June to generally favorable reviews, though our Steven Wong felt it had its fair share of faults and merits. The game also lacked a degree of curb appeal, as it looked visually similar to Destiny. The cover image featured a somewhat generic-looking robot, and the marketing campaign never seemed to catch on either.

Despite bad first impressions though, the backstory is fascinating. Disintegration deals with a world choked for resources to the point that humans gave up their physical bodies for efficient robot shells. The protagonist was in fact a popular TV show host, but was forced to become a soldier in the face of conflict. The story has a lot going on, and part of it involves the quest to become human once again. It should sit well with sci-fi fans if at least for the weekend. The story isn’t perfect, but the gameplay may be worth a go.

Disintegration puts players in the role of a squad commander, who is often in the seat of a nimble vehicle called a Gravcycle. Players must balance character abilities with tactical control to be victorious, and that goes double in multiplayer. The online side also offers plenty of unique crews to try out, which makes for a good time.

Disintegration free to play

Disintegration is actually free to play for more than just the weekend

As for the Disintegration free weekend, it actually begins Thursday, July 30 at 10:00 AM PT. Not only does it begin early, but it runs late too. The event officially ends on Monday, August 3 at 1 PM PT, so that’s a little over four days. Most should be able to get in on some decent play sessions during that window.

Since launch, several updates and patches have been delivered, which should address some of the issues found in reviews. Gravcycles are now more responsive, multiplayer matchmaking received some improvements, and the UI has been updated.

Furthermore, Disintegration will be offered at 40% off, which might just be what the game needs to expand its audience. Anyone who buys the game can expect future updates based on community feedback with additional crews, maps, and modes as well.

Disintegration is available on Steam, and currently stands at a mixed user review rating. The game retails at a full price of $49.99 USD, which will be marked down to $29.99 during the promotional event.

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