The cutscene has been a big part of gaming for a long time now. Of course in the early days the consoles didn’t have the power to play cutscenes but with the PlayStation 1 new things were possible. Since then cutscenes have become the norm and some of them are brilliant. It has always been a fine line though, we buy games to play not to watch and some gamers are adverse to cutscenes altogether. The main point of a cutscene is to advance the story and give you information in a way that gameplay couldn’t. Cutscenes usually featured better graphics than the actual gameplay itself but what with the fancy graphics we have these days, is the cutscene needed any more?

In this article published by GameSkinny and written by Fathoms_4209, you can read how next gen graphics may be the death of the cutscene. As someone who’s always quite enjoyed a nice cutscene to give my thumbs a rest for a moment, I greatly enjoyed this article and you should check it out right HERE.

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