Does Starfield have romance options? Companions, relationships, and more

Starfield Romance Options

Many RPG games allow you to bond with other characters. Starfield wouldn’t be a Bethesda game without romance options. So, yes, Starfield does indeed have romance options, and we’ll dive into how companions and relationships work.

Note: If you’re wondering if Starfield has co-op, check out our guide.

Starfield romance options, explained

Since Starfield definitely does have romance options, what will the relationships with your companions be like? If you’ve played Fallout or Elder Scrolls, you know that romance in past Bethesda games has been available but also kinda strange. Instead of paying money for affection or demanding that someone has romance with you because you’re the main character, the romance in Starfield functions more like authentic relationships.

For now, there are only four romanceable companions. No matter who you choose, the relationship with your partner will grow and evolve in different ways—sometimes they’ll be upset at the decisions you’ve made or be glad you’re both on the same page. You can tell how your relationship is going by if you notice the ‘(Companion name) liked/disliked that’ pop-up at the top of your screen. This will let you know if they were happy or not with your dialogue choice.

All Starfield companions, explained

With romance being an optional decision, who are all the companions you can romance in Starfield? There are many companions you can acquire through Starfield, but there are only four of them who you can romance.

Starfield Companions

Screenshot: Bethesda Game Studios

  • Sarah Morgan: Chair of Constellation, but prior to Constellation was a soldier and adventurer.
  • Barrett: Long-running member of Constellation, explorer, and scientist.
  • Andreja: The black sheep of Constellation who excels in combat and stealth.
  • Sam Coe: Descendent of Solomon Coe, former Freestar Ranger, and father of Cora Coe.

These are the four romanceable companions, each of them a member of Constellation. As much as you’re able to bring along other companions into your crew for adventures, there are no romance options for them.

If you’re wondering when the romance begins, keep making decisions that the romanceable companions like, and they’ll eventually confide in you. At a certain point, you’ll notice a dialogue option with [Flirt] in front of it. Choose this, and it can lead you down a path of romance.

Romance not interesting you? Staying friendly is always an option. The more the merrier, as you can hire additional crew to join your adventures at most spaceports. Just chat with NPCs, and you may spot someone who is hirable. Hired crew can join you on your ship or be placed in one of your outposts to manage things there.

Starfield is available on Steam.

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