Relive Doom and Doom II with Doom 3 engine mod

Doom Reborn: Relive Doom and Doom II with Doom 3 engine mod

Run and gun with a proper 3D engine

DOOM is an eternal classic of PC gaming. And soon, on November 22, we’ll have Doom Eternal in our hands. Judging from our hands-on preview, it’s looking mighty good. Until then, if you’ve had enough of the 2016 Doom, here’s something that might tide you over: Doom Reborn, a total conversion mod that remakes the original Doom and Doom II in the Doom 3 engine. Right now, you can try the pre-beta demo over at the mod’s page on Mod DB, but we might get a proper final version soon. You can also get it from if you prefer.

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The pre-beta includes only Map10 of Doom II, which makes it more of a technical demo to see how it runs on a variety of hardware. The modder noted in the release notes that they enabled Parallax Occlusion Mapping by default, but you can disable it. Just open the command console (Ctrl+Alt+`) and type “image_usecompression 1”, then “vid_restart”. You can also enable it again by using the command “image_usecompression 0”. To report bugs and issues, you can go directly to the Mod DB page.

Doom Reborn, Doom: Sigil, Doom Eternal

2019 is the Year of Doom, as Bethesda Softworks announced in April. What better way to celebrate its 25-year history and legacy than by modding and playing the original first-person shooter? Plus, not only you can try Doom Reborn, but there’s also another great mod recently released by the man himself, John Romero. Sigil had a few delays over the past few months, but it’s now available to download entirely for free. Of course, to play Sigil, you must own a legit copy of the original Doom, either from Steam or GOG.

Have you tried the Doom Reborn pre-beta? What about Sigil? Would you like more mods like these? Are you looking forward to Doom Eternal? Drop your comments below! We’re interested to hear what you think.

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