Dota 2 patch once more changes unranked All Pick

Dota 2 patch once more changes unranked All Pick

Dota 2 has been patched, once again changing the unranked All Pick pick order to that of ranked. Which is a horrible sentence, so I’ll try to elaborate.

A week or so ago, a Dota 2 patch temporarily changed the picking order in unranked games of All Pick to be the same as that in ranked games. Normally, unranked picking order is “everyone picks whatever the hell they like, whenever they hell they like, over a short time limit.” The ranked version of the same randomly accepts a few bans, and has each team take it in turns to pick a hero. In short, rather than a mad scramble, it’s a more measured and even selection. This was for testing purposes, and was reverted at the end of the weekend.

As of this patch, the ranked All Pick order is back in unranked, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Hooray, says me.

This patch also includes a couple of performance boosts. Monkey King’s Wukong’s Command should now function a bit better, especially for higher ping players, and illusion spawning should also dent your system a little bit less.

So, hey, good changes. Until it transpires that these changes have inadvertently broken something else in Dota 2, anyway.

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    • Josiah Ahern

      poor update needs to be reverted back to the way it was. Utter crap.