Dota 2 update targets randoms and reports

Dota 2 update targets randoms and reports

As it’s a day ending in Y, today marks the release of another Dota 2 update. This is a minor one, but it’s also interesting enough that I felt it was worth covering.

This particular update takes aim at two things: people who random heroes, and reports. “Report sensitivity” has been increased, making it more likely that a reported user will go into the Low Priority queue. This is theoretically a good thing (assuming that this goes for people who have action taken against them because of reports, and doesn’t just automatically chuck reported users into Low Prio).

As for randoms – well, the last pick random is the bane of every Dota 2 player’s existence, and this is hopefully going to be less of a problem going forward. Three changes have been made to this. Firstly, you can no longer random your hero in the last 10 seconds of picking in Unranked, and in Ranked, the final pick per team cannot be random. While this won’t exactly stop last-pick randoms in Unranked, it does at least mean that if other people on your team have yet to choose a hero, they have a little bit of time to compensate for the Spectre being picked up after Anti-Mage and Medusa.

The other two changes to randoming are considerably less significant. Repicking in Unranked now works the same way as it does in Ranked, giving you a new random hero instead of letting you directly pick a hero, and you will no longer get the same hero again if you re-random.

Minor changes, as I said, but interesting ones. I can’t wait for my next week of matches, with people complaining that the Random button isn’t working for them after the game starts.

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