Dota 2’s Immortal Treasure III released

Dota 2’s Immortal Treasure III released

The third and final set of Immortal Treasures for Dota 2 has now been released.

A 113mb patch released just now contains another seven Immortal cosmetics, plus one rare cosmetic and one super-rare golden version. Each Treasure contains one of these, and has a chance of containing a golden style unlock for the courier Almond the Frondillo. Also, those with their Compendium at level 125 or above will now have access to the Red Style for Almond.

Those cosmetics, in full:

  • Bristleback has a Piston Impaler – a set of mechanical spikes with a custom Quill Spray effect and animation.
  • Gyrocopter has Atomic Ray Thrusters – a pair of wing weapons with a custom Rocket Barrage effect and animation.
  • Witch Doctor has Bonkers the Mad – a monkey that sits on his shoulder, with a custom Paralyzing Cask effect “and all new animations.”
  • Invoker has Magus Apex – a hair and mask with custom Orbs and Sunstrike ability effect, which makes the blonde magus look like he’s gone Super Saiyan.
  • Nature’s Prophet has Sufferwood Sapling – a staff with a custom teleportation effect and animation.
  • Meepo has Colossal Crystal Chorus – a backpack crystal with a custom Poof ability effect and “custom Pooftones”.
  • Templar Assassin has Focal Resonance – a pair of bracers with custom Psi Blades and Meld ability effects.
  • The rare cosmetic is Zeus’ Righteous Thunderbolt – a “very rare weapon” with custom Lightning Bolt ability effect and all new animations.
  • The super-rare cosmetic is a golden version of Gyrocopter’s Atomic Ray Thrusters.

They’re… all kinda nice, honestly. I love the Witch Doctor one because I’m human, it’s a monkey, and Paralyzing Cask becomes a hurled coconut. Invoker’s new Sunstrike is utterly gorgeous, but I can’t stand playing as him. Aaand Nature’s Prophet’s new teleportation effect is wonderful. The rest are lovely too, but those three are my favourites.

These are be available now. If you have a Compendium, you’ll have at least one sitting in your inventory; if you’re level 90 or above, you’ll have more. You can see the new Immortals in action over on the Compendium’s official page, or read up a little more on what’s just been released in the latest Dota 2 blog post.

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