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With THQ’s date with destiny looming on 22 January, further information about specific interested parties is emerging from the bankruptcy case. The latest studio to have requested papers relating to the hearing is Double Fine, makers of Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, Costume Quest and the developers behind the upcoming Double Fine Adventure and The Cave.

“DDInvesting,” who has been following the case very closely revealed Double Fine’s interest with the following post on twitter: “Both Warner Brothers and Double Fine productions have asked for bankruptcy filings in the THQ case.” Warner Bros. interest had already been established at a prior date.

Although this post has triggered wild speculation about Double Fine being interested in Saints Row and god only knows what else, by far the most likely scenario is that they want to examine the status of a prior deal which saw THQ publish Costume Quest and Stacking. Perhaps there’s still some money owed, or the developer needs to check whether a future license for those two games needs to be disentangled from THQ’s financial situation.

Fun though it would be, we’re unlikely to see Tim Schafer’s take on Company of Heroes 2.

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