June 19th, 2017

Dragon Age: Inquisition PC patch 2 released, breaks graphics

dragon age inquisition
It’s a … feature?

Good news, the Dragon Age: Inquisition PC patch has now been released; not so good news, it reportedly messes up some graphics settings and might crash more. The patch will automatically download through EA’s Origin, so avoiding it will be tricky – but PC players may wish to hold off if they can, at least for now.

Something is clearly amiss with this update. It causes several textures and graphics settings to default to the lower end of the scale, whether you want them to or not. It’s not that graphical options have been removed from the game or anything, but Dragon Age: Inquisition can apparently no longer find them.

It’s also resulting in some bizarre effects like the one shown in the image above, which comes from ‘TruffleMeister’ on the Dragon Age: Inquisition forums. The desert sun can be punishing, Hawke needs to invest in some good moisturiser.

There’s a pretty solid summary of the overall damage from user Solo80 on the Dragon Age forums, which you can combine with this other list from Reddit user BohemianStalker to get a good sense of what Patch 2 has apparently managed to break.

It mostly (at this early stage) seems to be problems related to graphics, though some other users have been suggesting that the game now crashes a lot more than it used to. Either way, it sounds like Patch 2 will, itself, be in need of a patch. Or a hotfix, at least.

In case you missed it earlier in the week, here’s our (pre-patch) review of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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    • Martin

      Multimillion corporations releasing broken, untested ‘patches’. Awesome.

    • locke

      LOL, Bioware always disappoints. They will find a way.

      • https://www.rebeccamorn.com/mind BeccaM

        Got that right. lol Next up: In a shocking finale, your entire party is killed in a gigantic Rift explosion, including those who were back in the keep. You limp along and are swallowed in a blinding green light. Then, in a cut-scene in which you can’t actually do anything, an annoying kid pedantically explains that nothing you did really mattered — good, evil, neutral, loved, hated, puppy-torturer, whatever — and the only thing you get to choose now is between one of three colored lights, all of which represent bad endings, after which you die.*

        The End.

        (*Mass Effect 3: Yes, I’m still bitter.)

        • disqus_aZM9UqY2YZ

          Jesus christ, are people still whinging about that?

          I know I’m not the only one who actually liked the ending. It had artistic merit, even though it didn’t provide the kind of “closure” some of you needed.

          Given that Bioware was originally founded by 4 successful doctors who walked away from their careers to pursue their passion, I’m not surprised that they tried to incorporate some narrative depth in their games. It’s a shame the average Joe/Jane is too retarded to appreciate it.

          • https://www.rebeccamorn.com/mind BeccaM

            You really should use a different avatar if you’re going to throw words like “retarded” at people for having a different opinion than you.

          • https://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-4-new-skins-themes-launches/740147-neurotech-hd.html#post5637502 Jay

            I didn’t mind the ending, either (frankly because I was getting tired of playing the game and I just wanted it to end), but I understand why people didn’t like it:


          • locke

            LoL, Artistic integrity my ass.

          • Scream Nevermore

            One man’s ‘art’ is another man’s ‘garbage’. What irks is paying as much for the latter as for the former.

          • Yosharian

            Totally legit guys, anyone who doesn’t like Bioware storytelling is ‘too retarded to appreciate it’. Sounds about right. Now excuse me while I barf into the nearest receptacle.

        • https://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-4-new-skins-themes-launches/740147-neurotech-hd.html#post5637502 Jay

          Haha, that is too funny. There were three choices? I didn’t understand what that kid was saying so I just chose my cut scene randomly.

    • https://www.rebeccamorn.com/mind BeccaM

      I was unable to avoid the patch and didn’t think it’d break the game this badly. I know these gaming companies are often pressed to the wall on their release dates, but how this one made it out the door without even a modicum of testing, I have no clue.

      By most accounts, the only people who aren’t noticing the truly terrible graphics in DAI now are those who were on the lowest settings to begin with. Anybody who was enjoying high or ultra on the PC is now in AnimeLand.

    • Guest

      They deserve an slow dead…my game is ruined!!!

    • disqus_aZM9UqY2YZ

      There is already a hotfix coming. In the meantime, you can add a command line to fix the problem.

      • gab4moi

        There are multiple problems, not just ‘the’ problem though…

    • https://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-4-new-skins-themes-launches/740147-neurotech-hd.html#post5637502 Jay

      She looks severely dehydrated.

    • Grim

      Next gen games age fast.

    • Loki Jotunn

      The big issue is the game will not launch unless you update, the option to cancel the update is there but doing so simply locks out the game until you update.

    • Redglyph

      The controls have also been messed up. Not only PC versions still can’t have walk and run, only sprint, from the keyboard & mouse. The tactical camera is now imposed automatically when zooming out, which is really annoying (and of course, impossible to adjust the zoom once in that mode). They also had the bright idea to let the player loot everything with the press of a key… and so on.

      Complete failure should probably look like this 😉

      My theory is that they lower the quality even more so we are happy once they get it back to “just okay” level.

      Now if you want to have some fun until then, I recommend the support chat. I strongly suspect it to be a random answer generator that is only available after a 30-45′ waiting stage. Epic.

      On the bright side, this gives more time to play good RPG’s like Divinity: Original Sin.

      • Jacob Cornwell

        funny you should mention that. After playing around 20 hours of DA:I, I went out and bought Divinity: Original Sin because I was disappointed with it.

        • Redglyph

          Pretty much the same happened here 😉
          I still hope I’ll have some fun in DA: I… but maybe later.

      • tootie pewp

        there wont be a toolset.
        Frostbite ;_;

    • gab4moi

      So, anyone willing to predict how long before they release the toolset to let the modders actually fix this game for them? I’m giving it a month, two tops…

    • LC

      And people complain about Ubisoft… EA and Bioware are even worse. They really disrespect PC gamers…

      • locke

        What I don’t understand is why people are not asking for refunds of the game. You want Bioware to stop making hype videos about how much they care about Pc gamers and how Pc friendly the game is? DON’T PREORDER.

        That’s all EAware wants. Bioware keeps doing hype videos and lying like a weasel because apparently people preorder the game, complain, but don’t ask for a refund. Things will be way different if they would wait to make a decision until they read Inc Gamers review, for example. (Sigh)

        • LC

          Ahem, there are no refunds in the gaming industry. You have to inform yourself before buying. And like the review said the game can still be enjoyable. It’s just also quite underwhelming and disappointing at the same time, especially on PC…

          • locke

            Origin has a 24 hour refund policy. You try the game, you don’t like it, you get a refund. GOG has a refund system too.

            I am not saying the game is not enjoyable but I wouldn’t pay 60 euros for a game in beta…I think people should realize that If they only pay WHEN the product is in a finished state and not before, we wouldn’t be living this crazy unfinished games situation.

            • LC

              Well, I fear the “vote with your wallet” strategy doesn’t work for mainstream products. EA doesn’t care about some hardcore gamers not buying their games anymore. We’re not their main democracy anymore neither. Their first priority is console sales, than consumer sales on PC and last of all, digital sales by PC hardcore enthusiasts. If we just miss out nothing will change.

              And I know about the refund policy. It’s just not enough time to test a game like DAI if you don’t have the time to play the game one whole day long. And even then I never said that DAI is a really bad game. It’s an above average game by all means. Also offering lazy PC controls and a badly optimized experience for PC doesn’t mean it’s not working. The game is working (at least for me) and fully functional. I don’t think that’s enough critera to qualify for a refund tbh.

              • locke

                Obviously 24 hours are not enough to review a game but they can help you realize if the game works for you and if you are willing to put up with the lame controls, camera, bugs…I think you can make that decision after 3 or 4 hours in, so is valuable to have a refund option. But you are right, the main demographic is retail console players, sadly.

                Still, My guess is a lot of digital buyers are still waiting for the game to be patched up instead of getting their refund and only paying when the game is fixed. I don’t think EAware wouldn’t care about less sales. They care about every dollar and euro they miss. In any case, it’s a very personal decision. I know what I would do for sure.

      • Redglyph

        I think we can’t but agree.

        AC:U was not well-received because of bugs, but it seems also because users needed a performant system. So a very bad reputation drop (and stock price) from this release indeed. In any case, they reacted very quickly, and the information was available, at least customers knew what was going on.
        Not an excuse though, it was pretty lame to launch an unfinished game, which needed an unfinished website and unfinished smartphone app in order to get the most of it. But still a much better PR.