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Yet another person influenced by David Bowie’s eyepatch phase.

Pushing Dragon Age: Inquisition into November seems to have given EA’s PR team the green light to release as much promotional material about the game as possible. At this rate, they may be pushing Ubisoft close for the record of “most trailers and livestreams released for an upcoming title.”

In fact, they’ve released so much that they’re beginning to repeat material. This trailer covers three of the Dragon Age: Inquisition followers you can recruit during the game; Iron Bull, Sera and Dorian. If you’ve been reading the little character profile interviews on the official site for the game, then you’ll probably already know all the information divulged in this new video.

For those who didn’t ever read those, and for people who just want to see a few more snippets of gameplay and dialogue from the aforementioned followers, this trailer is probably fine. As this covers just three of the nine possible followers, I’d imagine there’ll be a couple more in future giving a summary of the other six.

Yesterday, BioWare did a livestream tour of the Skyhold fortress – if you’d like to see some screenshots and details from that, have a read of this article. Dragon Age: Inquisition will be released on 18 November in the US and 21 November in Europe.

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