BioWare stand and deliver a new location from Dragon Age: Inquisition to fans and press darlings alike. By the sounds of things, it’s dog eat dog in the Adamant Fortress. Since we’re a site who are desperate but not serious, here are further details about Adam Ant’s abode.

It was originally a bulwark against the Darkspawn spilling out of the Abyssal Rift. No prizes for guessing whether they were friend or foe. Over time, memories of the fortress’ function have faded and the expense of maintaining the outpost has been getting difficult to justify. The entire Western Approach has become a wasteland and there are no more Kings of the wild frontier.

Adamant had become a symbol of decline. No longer the goody two shoes it had once been.

In the dawn of the “Blessed Age,” Adamant’s doors were sealed and only ghosts roam the hallways now.

So, there’s a once vital fortress for repelling Darkspawn just sitting there but it’s very difficult to get up and running again. I’d hazard a guess that this is exactly what you and your party will be having to do at some point in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Somebody has to be Adamant’s new Prince Charming. It may as well be you.

dragon age inquisition adam ant fortress

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