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She’s a fan of eye makeup, that much is clear.

If you were watching EA’s E3 press event, you probably saw the Dragon Age: Inquisition character round-up trailer. That footage doesn’t seem to have been officially released yet, so the video below is a somewhat low-quality stream rip from YouTube.

Anyhow, one of the characters mentioned in said trailer was Sera. She has her own character profile up at BioWare’s official Dragon Age: Inquisition site today, in which writer Luke Kristjanson explains a bit more about her.

According to Kristjanson, Sera is “brash and fun,” with pretty much no respect for authority. Her role in the Inquisition is to highlight the plight of the ordinary people in the world and she sees this as a chance to “get in early and make sure those heading to the top stay humble.”

Sera will apparently be pretty suspicious of any arguments about taking actions “for the greater good,” as she knows that in the short term this usually means people getting hurt. “Play nice with the vulnerable and you’ve always got friends, and friends are better than power,” is more her philosophy.

That’s a world view that’s going to be tested throughout Dragon Age: Inquisition, however. Kristjanson says that she “hasn’t had to test her beliefs, so she brings a level of honest discovery” to the party.

As a result, she may spark some classic RPG party rifts with her reckless abandon.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is coming to the PC in October. The character trailer (featuring Sera and a few others,) can be seen below. Again, it’s a stream recording so not the greatest quality.

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