Dragon Ball Xenoverse servers improved, claim Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco say they’ve done some overnight server maintenance on Dragon Ball Xenoverse, which should hopefully improve some of the connectivity issues. Since launch, Dragon Ball Xenoverse has struggled with some pretty serious server problems on PC.

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Edit 6 March: There’s some further server maintenance today, if you’re reading this story wondering why they’re down at the moment. Rest of the original story follows.

Tim talked about it in his PC port impressions piece at the weekend, and it seems like Bandai Namco are at least attempting to address the problems.

Here’s the recent twitter post confirming the server maintenance.

Since I don’t own Dragon Ball Xenoverse myself, I can’t hop on to test it out. Instead, I’ve been having a look at the Steam community hub for the game to see how other people are finding it.

On this thread canvasing opinions about the post-patch performance, there seems to be a mixed response. A few people are saying their problems have gone (which would certainly be an improvement, since I don’t think anybody was finding the servers to be working a few days ago,) while others are reporting little or no change.

It sounds like a first step has been made towards addressing the problems, but more work is going to be needed in order to alleviate what I assume are some overloaded Dragon Ball Xenoverse servers.

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