Capcom’s investigations into the persistent issues with pawn trading (shush) in the PC version of Dragon’s Dogma have turned up a corrupted server-side database.

An announcement on the Steam community page for the game suggests this has now been fixed, so players who are borrowing and lending out pawns from other people should start to see rewards, ratings, and gifts being transferred correctly.

“Keep in mind that the first couple of trades may not work correctly due to the built in cool-off period, but you should start seeing positive results within 12-24 hours,” the post says. “Please continue renting pawns and resting at the inn as usual and let us know how it’s working out for you.”

With that problem (hopefully) out of the way, Capcom are now looking into a bug causing an infinite Dragon’s Dogma loading screen bug on beta versions of Windows 10.

“It appears Microsoft is testing a different video codec in the beta build which is causing issues for a handful of our games that rely on WMV codec,” is the conclusion on that front. No fix for that yet, but it’s being looked into.

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