Capcom is looking into the reports of bugged pawn exchanges in the PC version of Dragon’s Dogma. Parts of the system are working fine; you can hire and fire the pawns belonging to friends, and they will gain knowledge of quests and enemies accordingly.

However, it seems that the rating system (where you rate the pawn based on appearance, helpfulness and the like) and the mechanic for returning the pawn with a lovely gift (or some manky old crap, if you prefer) are currently not working.

The issues spawned a long thread in the Steam community forum for Dragon’s Dogma, which has attracted Capcom’s attention. ‘Wbacon’, who seems to be the main company representative for the PC version, posted the following update:

“The dev team has been monitoring the reports regarding the pawn exchange issue. They will investigate further and hopefully be able to identify the root cause as soon as possible. Please stay tuned.”

Servers for the game have been up and down a little today, which may well be connected to the investigation of this troubling pawn problem.

For more on Dragon’s Dogma, you can have a read of our PC version impressions, or Tim’s overview of the pawn system in general.

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