Driveclub Announced For Playstation 4

Driveclub Announced for Playstation 4

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One thing that surprised a number of people last night was the absence of Polyphony Digital and the Gran Turismo franchise. However the racing game void was filled by Evolution Studios and their next game, Driveclub.

Driveclub will focus on driving together with friends rather than being the lone racer and will reward you for working with your team, also the game appears to have an incredible amount of detail put into the car models. One of the most interesting aspects to note is that the game appears to cater to those who wish to feel the experience of owning such a high end car, as the game allows the person to inspect ever aspect of the car via first-person view, and to open up parts of the car and inspect whatever they want. Then when your ready, open the door, strap in and start up the engine raising the immersion level through the roof.

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