Driveclub Locked at 30 FPS and Won’t Have a Day/Night System

Evolution Studios has confirmed, and explained, their choice of ‘locking in’ framerate at 30 FPS, at a resolution of 1080p. They also explained that the game won’t have the day/night cycle they originally intended for the game.

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Here’s the explanation from game director Paul Rustchynsky:

The most important thing for a racing game is a locked frame-rate – whether it’s 30fps or 60fps. It’s vital that every controller input you make is consistent and also equal for all drivers. We chose a locked frame-rate for this very reason and with 30fps we don’t have to hold back any of the obsessive visual detail in our game.

Rustchynsky has similarly obtuse explanation for why the day/night system was taken out:

We tested this because on paper it sounds really cool, but when you actually play at the real time of day for a while you lose a lot of the magic and diversity. We allow you to customise the start time and the time compression (time lapse) in every race you set up, so you have lots of flexibility.

On the upside, the game will have a new FAME system. You earn FAME, essentially experience, by reaching certain achievements, and use the FAME to level up and unlock more content. They also intend to release the soundtrack soon, and we hope they do mean sooner rather than later.

We’ll keep you up to date when new information on Driveclub is revealed.

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