After a lengthy early access period, the multiplayer dungeon crawler Blightbound is now available on PC. From developer Devolver Digital, players and their friends can control three heroes to face the mysterious ‘Blight,’ a mysterious and dangerous fog.

Each player can choose between different characters, each with a unique class. There’s the warrior, assassin, or mage, all with a unique playstyle of their own. Friends can take the time to learn a certain character, each bringing their own special style to the table. And don’t worry. If you’re having trouble gathering up some people to co-op with, the game features a matchmaking system of its own. With this, you shouldn’t find any trouble in getting a group to play.


A slashy, magic-casting good time

Developer Ronimo Games included a ton of classic dungeon-crawler elements to Blightbound, so there’s plenty to do and explore. After choosing your own character to play, there’s plenty of loot to fight over and enemies to slay. There’s also a base-building element, where you can take a breather, craft some new tools, and fulfill bounties. The game’s graphics are impressively designed, with hand-painted environments and characters.

Blightbound will reportedly continue to get some post-launch support, with new characters, dungeons, and loot. According to the Steam page, these updates will be free, so you don’t need to worry about losing out. With the plan for new content in the future, this game can hopefully be something friends can enjoy together for a long time.

The game is currently on sale on Steam for $15.99 USD in celebration of the game’s release. down from $19.99 USD. For your friends who don’t have a Steam account, don’t worry. The game features support for crossplay, so you can play with your friends who own the game on PS4 or Xbox One.

Blightbound Dungeon Crawler

Slay some enemies in this new dungeon crawler.

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