Dying Light 2 How To Increase Immunity Immunity Booster Uv Shroomz

Immunity is an important factor to consider in Dying Light 2. With the virus spreading out of control, humans need to stay in the sun or they’d turn into the shambling dead. Here’s our Dying Light 2 guide to help you increase immunity.

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Dying Light 2 guide – How to increase immunity

Aiden’s maximum immunity in Dying Light 2 is based on his health and stamina levels. As long as you keep leveling these up by using Inhibitors, your immunity will naturally increase. Also, as mentioned earlier, you don’t need to worry about immunity as long as it’s daytime and the sun is shining on your character. You will, however, need to worry in these situations:

  • It’s nighttime (i.e., 7:30 p.m. to 7:59 a.m.).
  • You’re exploring the interiors of buildings, tunnels, or sewers.
  • You’re running around areas with chemical contamination.

During these moments, Aiden’s immunity will decrease gradually like a timer, and you’ll hear a chime that warns you. It’s worse when you’re in areas filled with chemicals, as you’ll incur a massive immunity drop until you get out of that spot. Immunity will also remain active even when you’re attempting to lockpick doors or chests, which could make you panic while playing. Once it’s fully depleted and the timer is up, Aiden will succumb and die.

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To keep your immunity at higher values in Dying Light 2, we’re going to need a few items and fixtures. The first is UV light. There are certain spots in locations that’ll have this, most especially when you reach safe zones and fast travel points. The UV lamps will restore your immunity back to full rather quickly.

Dying Light 2 How To Increase Immunity Immunity Booster Uv Shroomz 2

As for items, we’ve got two kinds:

  • UV Shroomz – These fungi have a bright blue glow. Plenty of these are found in tunnels, buildings, and rooftops. Equip them in your inventory and use them to regain roughly a minute more.
  • Immunity Booster – These are sold by vendors or found as loot (i.e., inside Inhibitor containers). Those with a green color or lower rarity tend to restore around three minutes. However, the purple variants provide a massive boost. Try to keep several of these handy, since you’ll never know when you might need them.

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Dying Light 2 is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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