Whether or not you own Dying Light’s ‘The Following’ DLC, the base game will also be getting extra challenges (bounties) on 9 February. Bounties are part of the general enhancements that all Dying Light players will receive.

They’ll unlock after the main game’s story has been completed, and appear in three forms. You’ll have challenges with no time limit that will probably be completed by just going about your regular zombie-slaying duties (stuff like “decapitate a bunch of zombies”). Then there are daily challenges, which the video below describes as things like “climb the highest point in Harran and then survive the jump down”.

Finally, there will be Dying Light community challenges which last a few days and will have to be a cumulative effort (like “kill lots and lots and lots of zombies”). Successful completion will get everyone a prize.

Although everybody who owns the game will be able to access Bounties, some could potentially be specific to areas in The Following.

Here’s the trailer, which goes over the three different challenge types.

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