Dying Light is getting an Enhanced Edition in February

Dying Light’s ‘The Following’ expansion will be released on 6 February, along with an Enhanced Edition of the game. There are many and various combinations of how current owners of the original can wind up with Enhanced, but the short version is this: if you get ‘The Following’ (either through purchase or free with the Season Pass), you’ll also get the improvements of Dying Light: Enhanced Edition.

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[Update 6 December]: Turns out you can just own the base game and get the (non DLC) enhancements for free too.

By the sounds of it, it’s going to be a kind of Game of the Year package (even though the trailer says it’s not that) combined with a Director’s Cut version of the game. Dying Light: Enhanced Edition bundles up all of the DLCs (including The Following) and prior freebie updates like the Nightmare Difficulty mode, then adds a few more things as well.

The updated version of the game will now have:

  • Legend System.
  • Bounties System.
  • New Parkour Moves.
  • New Enemy Attacks & Behaviors.
  • New NPC Models.
  • Enhanced Facial Expressions.
  • Improved Human Enemy AI.
  • Improved Volatile AI.
  • Greater Firearm Variety.
  • HUD and Video Filter Customizations.
  • Audio Upgrades.
  • Gameplay Quality Improvements.
  • Overall Game Look and Feel Improvements.

To get a bit more in-depth over the hows and whys of getting the Enhanced Edition, these are the variations. If you don’t own the game at all, that’s pretty straightforward – you can just buy Dying Light: Enhanced Edition and get everything.

If you already own the original game but nothing else, then buying either the whole Season Pass or just The Following expansion will get you the various added enhancements in a free update then you get the enhancements for free after all (see update above). Those who already own the Season Pass can just sit tight; The Following and the enhancements will be part of that purchase when they release in February.

Hopefully that made sense. Here’s a trailer that’s a bit less confusing.

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