Dying Light pre-orders offer high-tier weapons

Dying Light - 09
Zombie versus fist. Who will win, in one of nature’s oldest battles?

Techland have started up a new pre-order system for Dying Light: the sooner you pre-order, the more top-notch weapons you get in-game.

There are eight weeks to go until parkour-infused zombie-basher Dying Light launches, and that means that if you pre-order now and then sign up on a special site, you’ll get eight dockets that can be redeemed with the in-game quartermaster for decent equipment. For every week that elapses before you pre-order, you’ll get one less. In short: pre-order now and you’ll get loads; pre-order right before the game comes out and you’ll get one.

Our normal stance is that you should probably hold off on pre-ordering (and that pre-ordering is an inherently risky business) but hey, it’s your money. I will say this, though: with a bit of luck we’ll have a hands-on preview of Dying Light up soon – possibly including a video – so at the very least you might want to hold off until then. Hopefully, that’ll be before the number of dockets rolls around to seven.

Dying Light is due out on 27 January 2015. We’ll hopefully have some thoughts up before it gets dark and the really scary zombies come out.

dying light dockets

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