Ea App Replaces Origin

Electronic Arts has announced its new EA App is replacing Origin as the new home for Electronic Arts’ games. Publisher Electronic Arts has been testing its new app in open beta and has now given it the green light.

The new EA App promises a range of features that make it superior to Origin. For starters, it is described as EA’s “fastest and lightest PC client” ever made. With a more streamlined design and better optimization, navigating the Origin replacement should be much easier to do.


Another selling point of the new app is that it supports automatic game downloads and background updates. This ensures that your games will be available to play when you need them. The EA App also introduces a new friend list, which is cross-platform. You can finally create the ultimate friends list with friends from Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Electronic Arts states that the transition from Origin to its new app should be pretty smooth. Invites to move to the new platform will be sent out shortly with all existing Origin content being transferred once the invite is accepted. This includes games, DLC, local save data, and your friends list.

Making the switch

If you don’t want to wait, the EA App can be installed before it formally leaves beta. All you have to do is head over to the official EA website and download it. Once the installer is downloaded, simply run it and it will uninstall Origin for you. After the installer is finished you can run the new app, log in, and access your library as usual. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to the new app. It is currently only compatible with supported Windows devices, however, so any users on macOS will still have to continue using the Origin app.

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