May 25th, 2017

EA responds to Tiger Woods PGA 12 furore

After a few days of silence, EA offers a statement over the misleading PC release of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12.
You may recall that the issue players were having with Tiger Woods 12 is that it appeared to be a reskinned version of Tiger Woods Online (a game which, incidentally, requires a separate online subscription). The title was also entirely missing certain features advertised by EA (such as “The Caddie Experience”).
In EA’s world, that translates as “a unique experience” and “customer satisfaction is our top priority”. Sometimes you have to just step back and admire the sheer audacity of corporate statements.
Here is that statment, in full:
“Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12: The Masters for PC/Mac is a unique experience that combines some of the best single-player game modes of the console version with the accessibility and multiplayer offerings of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online. We address each customer service inquiry on a case-by-case basis and customer satisfaction is our top priority.”
EA has stated that no further comments will be issued. Some players have, mercifully, reported that they’ve received refunds.