Halo Infinite Credits

Since the launch of the game, players have been critical of Halo Infinite‘s Battle Pass and in-game store. Now, the title is set to get a new and improved way to progress. You will soon be able to earn credits in the Halo Infinite Season 2 battle pass. Also, fans have been given an update on tweaks that are being made to the store and Big Team Battle matchmaking.

The latest community update from 343 Industries provided more information on updates you can expect to see soon. The first topic addressed, that has been on everyone’s lips, was the aforementioned in-game store and the pricing of items. The changes coming out this week will focus on reducing prices and improving the quality of bundles so they have more value. In addition, you will be able to buy individual items starting next week.


Start earning credits in Halo Infinite Season 2

Looking ahead to Halo Infinite Season 2, you will be able to begin earning credits for the upcoming season’s Battle Pass. Ultimately, this means that you will be able to rack up credits as you progress and use them in the store. More details are expected to be shared on credits in the lead up to Season 2, which is expected to launch in March.

Finally, if you are a fan of the Big Team Battle game mode, you will know that there is an ongoing issue with matchmaking. A previous hotfix that targeted this problem failed to actually provide a fix for it. Thankfully, the development team is still working on resolving the issue. Until then, plans are in place to take out the Big Team Battle challenges for now.

It is always promising to see developers respond to community feedback. There is no doubt that having more ways to earn credits and a fix to Big Team Battle matchmaking will be welcomed by Halo Infinite fans.

Halo Infinite Credits

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