EDF 4.1 PC gets Mission Pack 2 Extreme Battle DLC

Earth Defense Force 4.1 (EDF 4.1) now has the second DLC mission pack available for the game on Steam. Mission Pack 2: Extreme Battle was released today, and adds 23 new missions to the vanquishing-bugs-n-robots title.

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It costs $12.00 USD under normal circumstances, but has a 20% discount until 29 August that makes it closer to $10.00 USD. I wish I could tell you lots more about it, but that’s about the extent of my knowledge with this one. Here’s the Steam blurb: “Every bug, bot and battleship in the Ravager arsenal is lined up to take a shot at you! Face a gauntlet of 23 missions — some new, some classic, all EXTREME!”

So, if you fancy some more (difficult) missions to co-op in EDF 4.1, it might be worth a look.

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