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More information on Elden Ring is making its way out ahead of the closed network test this weekend. The game’s Twitter account has been slowly, but consistently, dropping additional details on some of the features we saw in last week’s 15-minute gameplay preview. Want to know how healing works? Or if summons can be used in multiplayer? Well, never fear. Today, we know more about Elden Ring, ranging from flasks, to multiplayer options, and summoned spirits.

First up, Flasks in Elden Ring are exactly as you imagine. They take the place of the beloved Estus Flasks of Dark Souls yore, but they work differently now. In Dark Souls, you recharged your precious Estus by sitting at a bonfire — the quick save points in the game that both heal you and respawn enemies. Since Elden Ring is an open-world game with likely limited points of rest, the Flasks in the game will replenish once you defeat a group of enemies. The image shared shoes red energy snaking its way to the player, indicating the restock.


There are caveats, though. You can’t replenish more flasks than what you’re allowed to carry, and “the number and type of flasks to be replenished varies, depending on the enemy group.” I’m not entirely sure how that all works, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out as we progress through the game.

Calling a friend in Elden Ring

Elden Ring also has options and settings for its multiplayer component, as explained in the tweet. There are “various multiplayer items” in the game, which you can access through the multiplayer menu. These items, like with Dark Souls, are used for the different multiplayer types: co-op, invasion, and competitive. You can set a group password for your game, which will allow messages, bloodstains, and summon signs from groups using the same password to show more often. Once you set a password, you can only match with others using the same password.

You won’t be able to use summons while multiplayer is active in Elden Ring. The summons are those wispy beings that you can bring forth with a Spirit-Caller’s Bell. There was an example of that in the gameplay footage last week. Using it summons FP, and you’re not able to summon more than one type of spirit at once.

That about sums it up for now. Elden Ring will have a closed network test this weekend. Invites to it are already getting sent out, so be sure to check your email.

In other news, the Elden Ring Twitter page also revealed the five classes in the beta, along with additional gameplay details.

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