Elden Ring Dungeons Guide Limgrave Dungeons Limgrave Secrets

Elden Ring: Limgrave secret locations and dungeons guide

A bit of dungeoneering.

Elden Ring – Limgrave dungeons

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Let’s talk about the different dungeons that you can find in the Limgrave region of Elden Ring.


Please note that Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, Murkwater Cave, Coastal Cave/Church of Dragon Communion, Waypoint Ruins, Siofra River Well, Forlorn Hound Evergaol, and Stormveil Castle are discussed in separate guides. Still, here’s a map with several points of interest that are marked:

Elden Ring Dungeons Guide Limgrave Dungeons Limgrave Secrets 1 Map

Groveside Cave

  • Location: North of the Church of Elleh.
  • Boss: Beastman of Farum Azula – This boss has ridiculously fast attacks that you need to watch out for.
  • Loot: Flamedrake Talisman – This is dropped by the boss. It lowers the damage you take from fire attacks.

Stormfoot Catacombs

  • Location: West of Groveside Cave.
  • Boss: Erdtree Burial Watchdog – This is a large statue of a cat that looks and moves in a creepy manner. Its attacks and fire breath are easily dodged.
  • Loot: The Wandering Noble Ashes can be found on a niche on the upper floor. The Noble Sorcerer Ashes, meanwhile, is dropped by the boss.

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Limgrave Tunnels

  • Location: Make your way to the northwestern corner of the lake where you fought Flying Dragon Agheel. You’ll find the entrance here.
  • Boss: Stonedigger Troll – This poor fella’s weak spot is its head, so snipe it if you have a ranged weapon.
  • Loot: Roar Medallion – Increases roar and breath attacks.

Elden Ring Dungeons Guide Limgrave Dungeons Limgrave Secrets 1c

Murkwater Catacombs

  • Location: Follow the river as it winds north from Murkwater Cave.
  • Boss: Grave Warden Duelist – This gladiator dual-wields two massive hammers, so try to steer clear of its smashes and leaping attacks.
  • Loot: Battle Hammer – Dropped by the boss.

Highroad Cave

  • Location: Outside Murkwater Catacombs, you should spot a Spiritspring. Use it while on Torrent to reach new heights. Follow this river north as it terminates to the sea, and you should find this Elden Ring Limgrave dungeon nearby.
  • Boss: Guardian Golem – The boss is very slow, but it hits hard. You’ll want to strike at its feet with blunt weapons, breaking its Super Armor and allowing you to deal brutal damage.
  • Loot: Although this is classified as a cave, it’s definitely a larger one with a diverse bunch of enemies (i.e., wolves, bats, and even octopi). The Shamshir can be found when you reach the pool/waterfall area, along with a Furlcalling Finger Remedy. The boss, meanwhile, drops the Blue Dancer Charm. It increases your attack power when you have lower equipment load/encumbrance.

Elden Ring Dungeons Guide Limgrave Dungeons Limgrave Secrets 1d

Deathtouched Catacombs

  • Location: Follow the Saintsbridge west and look for a pile of rocks that will allow you to climb a ledge.
  • Boss: Black Knife Assassin – This fella hits hard and fast. It will also spin around before attempting to grab and knife your character.
  • Loot: Assassin’s Crimson Dagger – One of the best talismans comes from this Limgrave dungeon in Elden Ring. It’s dropped by the boss, and it restores a huge chunk of your HP when you deal a critical hit or stealth backstab. You’ll also find a Deathroot, which is an item needed by the Beast Lord Gurranq.

All right, let’s go to the next part of our Elden Ring Limgrave secrets and dungeons guide.

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