Elite: Dangerous releases CQC update 1.4

Elite: Dangerous releases CQC update 1.4

The Elite: Dangerous ‘CQC’ (Close Quarter Combat) update has been released today on PC, and you can read a traditionally vast changelog on the subject over in this direction.

CQC adds a separate arena-ish PvP mode to Elite: Dangerous, in which everybody pilots one of the smaller, quicker ships (Eagles, etc) in various competitive modes. If you’re a bit tired of space trucking and would rather spend some time drifting in silent running mode, or popping in and out from behind asteroids, CQC is worth a try.

That’s the headline addition, but here’s what else the 1.4 update adds to the game.


– CQC Added!
– Imperial Eagle added
– Federal Gunship added
– Federal Assault Ship added
– Hazardous resource extraction sites added
– Compromised nav beacons added
– Legal salvage missions added
– Added Outfitting for CQC
– Changed how powerplant damage is handled – small chance of instant destruction, otherwise malfunctions and halved power output
– Assign Imperial Eagles to those who should have them from their backer rewards

To get update 1.4, open up the Elite: Dangerous launcher and let it auto-update in the usual fashion. You’ll be cruising around space arenas in no time.

That’s just a highlights version of what’s been changed though. As mentioned up top, the changelog is gigantic. Plenty of little tweaks to dig in to.

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