June 20th, 2017

End of waiting: End of Nations enters invite-only alpha

End of Nations - 03

Are you looking forward to End of Nations, now that it’s been rejigged is an MMO/MOBA/RTS thing? Then you’re doing better than me, because I still haven’t got much of an idea of how it works.

Still: Trion Worlds have announced that End of Nations‘ alpha servers have once again re-opened and testing has resumed. This particular invite-only testing phase offers “noticeably quicker and more dynamic MOBA gameplay, streamlined UI, cleaner graphics, smaller teams and more powerful heroes.” Speaking of cleaner graphics, they also passed us ten screenshots, which you can have a look at below the text.

Yes, smaller teams: the game is currently based around two to four players. Trion are also promising that the current alpha has four new classes, “streamlined tactical leveling”, better balance, etc. In short, this is apparently the best version yet. I’d be kinda surprised if they said anything else, though.

You can sign up for the alpha (and the forthcoming beta) right now over on the official website. Rest assured, we’ll be trying to get our hands on it soonish so that we can give you our own thoughts on how it’s going.

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