Endless Legend goes Halloween with mod tools and quest

endless legend shades of alteration

Endless Legend has been updated with Shades of Alteration, offering a new Halloween-y quest – “A Tale from the Dark Season” – and the game’s first set of mod tools. The quest offers a “special Halloween prize” for players who complete it, but let’s face it: the mod tools are a bit more interesting.

The Endless Legend mod tools offer the ability to add a new faction trait, a new technology, a new city improvement, a new item, a new skill, change a resource, add a new quest, add or change text, and add or change 2D assets. I’m assuming that you can alter as many faction traits, techs, etc. as you want to, and the use of the singular “a” is just as a description of what you can do. I mean, I can’t imagine the mod tools have been hobbled to only allow you to add one new quest. But what do I know? I’m also assuming that we’re going to be seeing more mod tools in future, as these are described as “the first set”.

Either way, Endless Legend should automatically update with the new features today. Try ’em out for yourself, and then come back and call me an idiot for getting half of this wrong.

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