Puzzle for free next week in The Spectrum Retreat, courtesy of the Epic Games Store

Spectrum Retreat Free Epic Games Store

We could all use a good weekend getaway, but that’s still not realistic for many. Instead, perhaps a digital excursion will suffice. Next Thursday, you can claim The Spectrum Retreat for free on the Epic Games Store to do exactly that. Heck, you can even download it and have it ready for right when you get off work on Friday if you really want to go for the authentic experience.

The Spectrum Retreat is another indie puzzle game that Epic Games is giving away in its ongoing campaign to grab more PC gaming digital store market share from Valve’s Steam platform. Business strategies aside, it’s about time we got another puzzle game like this. If you’ve kept up with the free giveaways over the past couple years, there have been several fantastic offerings. The Witness and QUBE 2 are just a couple noteworthy mentions. Soon, you can try The Spectrum Retreat for free if you have yet to play it.


A stay you won’t forget

The Spectrum Retreat released about three years ago, and still looks quite good by today’s standards. It features a minimalist art style with high contrast environments where the puzzles jump out at you. You’ll need to solve these puzzles in order to progress the narrative and figure out the mysteries of this strange hotel. We’ll leave the story up to you to uncover, but we will say this — there are oddities and evocative themes that wait.

The Spectrum Retreat Free Epic Games Store

One thing you’ll really like about this game is that it doesn’t require stellar hardware to run. The system specs are quite mild, so to speak. You can expect to play this one at the settings and performance levels you prefer. Likewise, you only need 8 GBs of storage space.

The Spectrum Retreat will be available to claim for free on the Epic Games Store starting on July 1 at 11 AM ET. You’ll have exactly one week to claim it as usual. If you need something to do this week, you can check out Sonic Mania right now.

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