Epic Games Store will cover Kickstarter refund costs for exclusive titles

December seems to be flying by, but maybe that’s just me. We’re well into the holiday season now though, so things are in full swing for most of us. Epic isn’t quite ready to all in with its holiday cheer just yet though. December 17 will be the day that holiday cheer officially begins on the Epic Games Store, and the company will offer a Holiday Sale in addition to 15 days of free games. We suggest checking in at 11 AM ET on that day if you’re chomping at the bits. That’s typically when Epic refreshes its lineup.

The Holiday Sale will include a smattering of game discounts up to 75% off. We can probably expect something similar to the scale of the Halloween Sale, which was no small affair either. There’s sure to be a mix of popular AAA titles and indie games on offer with new releases and semi-modern games all slashed to enticing price points. There will also likely be heavy discounts – hence the 75% off – on games that were previously offered for free. If you missed out on some of those, at least these sales offer a decent chance to pick them up for dirt cheap. You’ll also want to keep your eyes peeled for more coupons which Epic gave out last year. Those were good for any purchases through May 2020, so the Epic Games Store Holiday Sale 2019 was like the gift that kept giving.


On the 15th day of Christmas, Epic gave to me…

More exciting though is the prospect of 15 days of free games from the Epic Games Store. Much like what happened last December, Epic will give away a new game every 24 hours. This year will also see a nice bump of generosity from Epic, because the event will last for three more day. That means starting on December 17, you will be able to get something new and free to play every day until the end of the year. It will be up to you to remember to check though. I’m still kicking myself for missing Superhot from last year.

Epic Games Holidays Free Games 2020

As for what types of games to expect, it’s hard to say. Epic remains tight-lipped on the lineup. Judging by last year though, there will be a number of indies in the cards plus some more recognizable titles. If anything particularly awesome becomes available, we’ll be sure to cover it. With this year being bigger than every before, maybe there will be a surprise AAA title thrown in, too.

Epic recommends you wishlist anything your interested in, because you will get a notification if a desired title goes on sale. Likewise, we recommend setting a reminder notification for every day so you ensure there are plenty of free digital gifts to unwrap this year from the Epic Games Store.

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