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The Epic Games Store has already seen quite a few changes within its first year of launch. If you weren’t aware, there is a roadmap on Trello that indicates the projects that the Epic Games team is chipping away at. Things like shopping cart options, new game launches, and general overlay updates should be on their way. One thing, though, that it doesn’t really touch on is the offering of free games. Today, the storefront has updated with two such free offerings, coming in the form of David OReilly’s Everything and Metro: 2033 Redux.

Free games for you, not them

Anytime something is marked “free” it always begs the question of, “Well, what’s the catch?” Thus far, the Epic Store has faced a lot of challenges in terms of leading PC players from places like Steam, Origin, Uplay, and GOG in order to entice them into Epic waters. This might be an olive branch in terms of inviting players over, or maybe just a bonus for early adopters.

Epic Games Store Everything

“Is that Everything?” No, this is.

Other platforms that offer free games are places like Xbox One’s Xbox Live and PlayStation’s PlayStation Plus platforms. Each place offers free games on its service, albeit at the cost of a subscription and console purchase. Microsoft has also moved into offering free games on its service via Game Pass for PC. This service provides games to PC players for a monthly subscription cost. Some of those games, like Gears 5, were offered on day one.

More to come?

There isn’t a clear picture of what the future of free titles looks like on the Epic Games Store. In reference to the free games page, the description reads, “As a developer ourselves, we have always wanted a store with fair economics that connects us directly with our players. Thanks to the success of Fortnite, we are now able to share our capabilities with other developers and make that store a reality.” Previous free games included six Batman titles, among others.

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