Fortnite is just about to launch into an Early Access phase today and the development team has been talking about their future plans.

    Some players joined the Fortnite action at the end of last week and they had a load of questions for Epic who managed to answer some of them. According to Epic, they have been testing a new game mode which is like an infinite wave mode where wave difficulty would increase. However, no new game modes will be live until next year and whether that specific game mode makes the cut remains to be seen.

    As new players join the game ahead of launch next year, new social features are also in the pipeline but Epic has not shared any specific details as yet. Also in the pipeline are new heroes, new mission types, new schematics and more. Epic says “the possibilities are endless” and what they can achieve is determined by the current size of the development team. New heroes take time as they have to be built from any new base class added to the game. Heroes will also be continually balanced as testing continues.

    As far as current goals and improvements are concerned for players, Epic will be adding a backpack option to the main menu and crafting will also be made available via the menus.

    With the game not coming out until early next year, there’s still a lot to tweak and add to the game but as far as early access releases go, Fortnite is pretty solid,

    You can read more about Fortnite in our hands-on preview.

    Source: Reddit.

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