The much-anticipated map editor for The Escapists 2 has been released today, opening up a world of potential custom prisons. Today’s update also contains a regular patch, addressing some of the lingering bugs and issues.

As you’d probably imagine, the map editor hooks in to the Steam Workshop, making custom prisons fairly straightforward to share. Like the other maps in The Escapists 2, custom prisons can be played solo or in co-op. Two custom prisons made by developers Mouldy Toof (Slammer Island and Gridline Correctional) are available in the Steam Workshop right now.

To get started with editing and creating your own prison, there’s a helpful guide available. It contains the basic controls and details the functionality of the editor.

Here’s a trailer, followed by the patch notes.

Patch notes:
– Made various performance improvements on PC, OSX and Linux
– Fixed an issue creating a softlock when players tab out of the game and plugs a controller in
– Fixed an issue preventing the Minimap from expanding when clicked on
– Fixed an issue preventing to unlock the “Artful Dodger” achievement when playing as a client in an Online Multiplayer session
– Fixed an issue preventing to unlock the “Good Intentions” achievement
– Fixed a graphic issue on Wicked Ward which caused display issues on the lower floors when viewed from the floor above
– Fixed an issue causing the bike fitness machine animation to play even when no one was on it
– Fixed an issue causing the prisoners’ head to pop out of kennels when trying to hide.
– Fixed an issue causing some UI elements to remain on screen when quitting during Solitary and reconnecting right after
– Fixed graphic issues occurring when collecting Cutlery while holding a Food Tray
– Fixed an issue whereby changing Play Modes when Roll Call starts blocks Inmates from entering Purple Doors
– Fixed rendering issues on some resolutions with terrain graphics
– Fixed an issue preventing clients from seeing the Lockdown lights
– … and various other fixes.

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