Paradox has loaded up the grand strategy cannon and fired a scattergun blast against the bows of the games media, releasing new trailers for Europa Universalis IV and March of the Eagles, plus new screenshots from East vs West: A Hearts of Iron Game. This all comes from last week’s Paradox Convention in Reykjavik (that’s Iceland, geography fans.)

First up, a ‘world map’ trailer from Europa Universalis IV showing you … well, yes, the world map. The clue was in the name, there. Some nifty seasonal changes on show in this one.

Next, a March of the Eagles clip that goes all en Francais and revisits one of history’s greatest recurring blunders (invading Russia.) It also spells ‘Defeat’ wrong at one point, which is perhaps some sort of invitation to make a joke about Napoleonic pride. March of the Eagles will be available on 18 February.

Finally, some images from the Cold War-themed East vs West. They look … complex. The game is due in the ‘second quarter’ of this year.

East vs West

East vs West

East vs West

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