July 8th, 2017

Europa Universalis IV aiming for a Conquest of Paradise

And here’s Columbus finding… something.

Paradox have announced Europa Universalis IV‘s first expansion, titled Conquest of Paradise. This does not mean you’ll be taking over heaven.

Instead, you’ll be heading off west to discover America, the new world – which, in a first for Paradox games, will be completely randomised. According to the first dev diary for the game, the reason behind this is to actually add an element of exploration to things; unlike most explorers of the time you probably have a fair idea of where America is and what it looks like. The randomisation changes that entirely.

You’ll also have the option of playing as a Native American nation with federation mechanics, which will also have their own national ideas, buildings, and units, and should make it a bit more entertaining to play as them than in the base game. Alternatively, you can play as a Colonial nation, declare colonial war, or fight for liberty from your homeland. Up to you.

Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise is due for release on 11 December of this year.

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  • Comments: 4
    • Peter Parrish

      Hell yes, Native American nations that can actually stand up to European invasion. I’m quite excited for this.

    • jonah

      native nations DID stand up to europeans. if it werent for the plagues europeans brought with them (95% death rate) and the fact that native americans were so friendly and actually believed europeans when they made all their promises, then this would be a different world right now. unfortunately european diseases gave them an advantage.

      • Tim McDonald

        I’m, uh… I’m pretty sure Peter meant in the game. I haven’t played it, but I’m faaaaairly sure they were pretty underpowered in vanilla EU4.

        • Peter Parrish

          Yes, indeed, in the game. In the real world Cort├ęs was a couple of strokes of luck away from getting absolutely crushed!