A new developer diary trailer for the upcoming Europa Universalis IV DLC, Rights of Man, has been released today. In it, Johan Andersson (creative director) talks through the features the expansion will bring.

The concept of eight ‘Great Powers’ will be coming in Rights of Man; a fluctuating league table based on size and technological advancement that grants the members special authority. If you’re a Great Power, you can break up alliances, force yourself into wars, and ‘influence nations’ (by chucking some money at them and boosting their power).

Rulers (and heirs, and so on) will get Crusader Kings-esque personalities as soon as they hit 15 years old. These won’t always be beneficial, but luckily Rights of Man will be introducing Abdication options (for rulers) and Disinheritance (for troublesome heirs).

There’s more about new religious and governmental mechanics in the video, below. Rights of Man will be available for Europa Universalis IV from 11 October, priced at $20.

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