Everhood release date

Everhood is an RPG where strange characters roam and you must dance to defeat your opponents. It is coming to Steam on March 4. But if you don’t feel like waiting for that release date, a demo is now available so that you can give Everhood a try. The developers call it “an unconventional adventure RPG” that will have “amusing musical battles and strange delightful encounters.”

Everhood tells the tale of a wooden doll whose arm has apparently been stolen by a blue gnome. It’s unclear what else the game has in store on the narrative front, but its creators are certain that players will experience the ride of a lifetime.


Expect the unexpected in Everhood

Some parts of the trailer indicate that there is more under the surface. Dialogue lines such as “I urge you to please leave, refund this ‘game’ if you can.” jump out as odd, meanwhile there also seem to be playable board games inside the game. It’s anyone’s guess at what kind of trip we’re in for, but it looks to be a unique one.

The game will feature a five to six-hour campaign with “many twists and turns.” Everhood certainly looks colorful, and its style and music are reminiscent of Crypt of the Necrodancer, a must-play for those who are into rhythm-based games.

There isn’t much else to go on besides the trailer, which showcases some more of its dialogue options, battles, and music. The game is made by just two developers: programmer Jordi Roca and artist Chris Nordgren, who are releasing the game alongside publisher Foreign Gnomes.

Everhood can be wishlisted now on Steam, where you will also find the demo. Players won’t have any problem running this game, as the graphics aim for simple retro flair. The release date for Everhood is set for March 4, though its price tag is not yet known.

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