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There are a lot of ways to improve Jesse in Evil West, so you might be wondering what are the best upgrades worthy of your focus. I’m going to break down my favorites as well as why they make the most sense to consider. They can make your damage output that much higher, so it definitely pays to upgrade when you can.

The best upgrades in Evil West

Rentier Rifle

Free Bullet: This upgrade refunds a single rifle shot whenever you hit a weak spot. Free Bullet is one of the absolute best upgrades in the game, as there are a lot of weak spots to shoot  — this upgrade keeps your rifle topped up. You should definitely invest in it ASAP.

Big Gun: Increases rifle damage 20%. As the rifle is one of your best weapons, you’ll want this one in your wheelhouse especially once you purchase the next rifle upgrade.

Amped Bolts: Charge up your rifle with an electric blast. The charge time is a bit long, but the damage it does is quite high. Combined with the previous upgrade, you can take a big chunk out of stronger enemies too.

Rentier Boomstick

At the Ready: The shotgun is extremely useful, so it’s a good idea to shorten its cooldown. This upgrade reduces it by 20%, so you’ll be able to use it even more.

Snap Shot: If you shoot an enemy with the shotgun right before it attacks, you’ll do double damage. This upgrade is indispensable, especially in a pinch. There’s another boomstick upgrade after this one, but it’s honestly not something you need to focus on.

Evil West Best Upgrades 2

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Rentier Gauntlet

Fists of Steel: Whenever you use the zapper’s pull or dash, your next punch will do extra damage. This is great for stun combos, but you can zapper pull to stronger enemies and get that punch in as well. Anything that boosts combo damage is worth getting.

Up the Sleeve: Similar to the previous upgrade, this buffs your melee damage. You’ll generate an electric blast on occasion while using your melee attack, so any little bit is beneficial.

Agent Tools

Amp Snack: One of the most useful upgrades in Evil West. It allows you to heal using an energy bar when your heal skill is on cooldown. While it isn’t optimal to lose a bar, it’s infinitely better than being dead.

Evil West Best Upgrades 3

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Explosive Bundle

Sticky Sticks: Yes, you can stick dynamite to enemies with this upgrade, but the important part is the damage increase. Since you’ll be throwing these at foes when they’re available, there’s no reason not to have extra damage.

There you have it, the best upgrades you can buy in Evil West. Having them can do a lot to boost your damage and survivability, so focus on them if you have to pick and choose.

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