Evoland 2 evolving towards an August release

Evoland 2 evolving towards an August release

Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder will be evolving onto digital storefronts on 25 August.

The RPG sequel takes the same basic principles as its predecessor – you “evolve” through a variety of game styles and ages – but throws in far more gameplay genres, ranging from platforming to beat-’em-ups to tactical RPGs to good old fashioned shmups.

Evoland itself had an interesting concept, but it just wasn’t particularly fun. Hopefully, Evoland 2 will have ironed out the problems of the first game, and will prove considerably more enjoyable.

Evoland 2 will cost $20 on launch, and can be pre-ordered on the official website for a 10% discount and access to the PDF art book. Other than that: 25 August, everyone. You can see some new screenshots below.

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