Ex-CIG Star Citizen employee tells Derek Smart where to go

Ex-CIG Star Citizen employee tells Derek Smart where to go

Star Citizen is a topic of much discussion and controversy and it’s no huge secret that Derek Smart, creator of 3000AD, has been instrumental in alerting backers to the potential pitfalls of Star Citizen.

As a backer myself I am very concerned about the Star Citizen. It’s development timetable, financing and of course the way in which they attempt to raise funds through concept ship sales. For years Smart has been attempting to alert backers to some of the project’s problems, which is fair enough, but sometimes he can go a little too far with his comments and observations. Not that it will bother him of course, he is Derek Smart. However, his approach to alerting backers is not always on point.

In his latest Twitter posting spree he discusses people leaving CIG and singled out a developer who has now left. Smart claimed the dev as trying to keep his departure quiet and that he was a lead “DevOps guy”. Following his departure, the developer had changed his Twitter handle and Smart had claimed he was trying to “mask it” and posted a shot of his old Twitter handle. Smart then pointed to his new Twitter handle. This naturally frustrated the developer who responded without holding back.



Not everyone agrees with Derek Smart’s approach to releasing information about CIG and Star Citizen and this is one example of where Smart does not do himself any favours.

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