Excavated: Tomb Raider sequel planned, says comic writer

tomb raider 5

The writer of a forthcoming Tomb Raider comic series has revealed that it’s set to act as a bridge between the first game and a sequel. A sequel that we’ve otherwise heard nothing about.

Veteran comic scribe Gail Simone is working on said Tomb Raider comic series, and – in an interview with Kotaku – stated that the comic starts “just a few weeks after the end of the game, and this is all in continuity, it will be Tomb Raider canon, and lead DIRECTLY into the sequel. This is what got me excited; we get to be part of Lara Croft history.”

While there’s no word on what this sequel will entail, the comic will have Lara travelling to a number of far-flung locations: “The biggest difference is, the game told a claustrophobic story in an isolated setting. We are going globetrotting,” said Simone.

After Square Enix revealed that games like Tomb Raider, Hitman Absolution, and Sleeping Dogs undersold – despite the former pair selling approximately 75 billion copies apiece – the fates of the franchises were always in question. IO Interactive laid off half of their staff and are no longer working on anything that’s not Hitman, and we’ve heard nothing about a sequel to the hugely enjoyable (if light) Sleeping Dogs. So news that a sequel to Tomb Raider is at least in the planning stages is certainly welcome, if you enjoyed the rebooted Lara’s island adventures as much as I did.

The comic itself is coming via Dark Horse, with the first issue due on 26 February 2014. I imagine we’ll have heard something official about the game sequel before then.

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